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Kendo is one of the most difficult form of martial arts available. It is one of the few exercises which demands use of a physical implement in fighting where competitors move at full speed and full strength... In short, it is the study of "The Way of the Sword". Kendo has been commonly called Sword Fighting or Japanese Fencing by those who tries to associate it with something familar to themselves. However, it is much more than that. There is as much mental cultivation as well as physical training to the art/sport.

If you have reached this page, it probably means that you are about to, or have embarked, on the challanging journey of learning about kendo, which is full of its own unique challanges and rewards.

To learn more about kendo, visit our About Kendo webpage. When you feel ready to move on, our Beginners Guide to Kendo contains many references on where to find your dojo and what you need to start.

About This Website

This website is designed with the intention to educate, mainly beginners, on the basics of kendo. To dispel myths and reinforce the accepted concepts so that those who may be intimidated can see kendo as a more enjoyable activity.

Much of the language used in this site will be less technical than other sites available. If there are any questions at any time, we very much welcome your comments.

Dojos and webmasters are welcome to reference this site at any time if appropriate. Our primary goal is to inform beginners the necessary information which may not be communicated at the dojo effectively due to time and resource constraints. .

Note from the Author

My background in this sports has only been a few short years with my current rank at sho-dan. I will not claim that I know everything there is to know about Kendo, so I will rely on my fellow kenshis to correct my information whenever there are areas which needs to be corrected or be improved upon. Information posted here will often times be references of statements I have gathered from others which I feel is valuable. I will only make references to those activities I have direct experiences in or have been instructed upon.

Additionally, I wholeheartedly welcome any comments and suggestions on how to improve this website and information presented in it. If you have a thought or contributions that can be made to this site, please feel free to share it with us.

San Diego Kendo Info

Kubota Memorial Tournament
Janurary 30th, 2005
Individual and team competitions open to all SCKF members. Sign-ups due 1-1-05 for SD.
Final Practice of SDKB for 2004
December 28th, 2004
Advanced practice only. 7pm at National City Dojo.
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